Our team

Katharine Flatley

Executive Director and Founder

As the Women’s Justice Initiative’s Executive Director and Founder, Kate Flatley oversees all programs, fundraising, and strategic planning for the organization. Drawing on her knowledge of Guatemala, legal training, and years working for nonprofits, Kate brings extensive experience to the Initiative.

Kate is a lawyer with ten years’ experience working for nonprofit organizations developing and managing projects and conducting research in the fields of human rights, access to justice, education, and public health. Kate has worked on projects in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union. Before founding the Women’s Justice Initiative, as a Pfizer-Center for Global Health Scholar, Kate led a health and human rights research project with migrant workers in Guatemala.

Kate is a graduate of Yale University and the University of Virginia School of Law.  She is a member of the Virginia State Bar.

Elvia Raquec

Program Coordinator– Women’s Rights Education & Community Advocates Programs

As a Program Coordinator for the Women’s Justice Initiative, Elvia Raquec oversees the implementation of the Women’s Rights Education Program and the Community Advocates Program in WJI’s partner communities. Elvia works closely with local leadership and families to build support for WJI’s work within these communities. Elvia teaches all of the Legal Rights Education workshops in Kaqchikel, the local language in the region where WJI works.

Before joining WJI, Elvia worked for four years with the Population Council as a mentor with the Abriendo Oportunidades program. In this position, she supervised the implementation of the program in rural, indigenous communities in Guatemala. While at the Population Council, Elvia traveled internationally to present on the Abriendo Oportunidades Program at numerous conferences. Before joining the Population Council, Elvia worked for two years as an intern at Renacimiento a community development organization based in Patzún, Guatemala. Elvia is currently studying Social Work at the Universidad Rafael Landivar.

Viviana Patal

Program Coordinator – Legal Services Program

Viviana Patal joined WJI in August 2013 as Director of the Legal Services Program and is responsible for developing and implementing the program. Viviana provides legal counseling to WJI’s program participants on a range of civil and criminal matters including domestic violence, family law, property rights, and inheritance. Viviana is Maya Kaqchikel and advises WJI’s clients in Kaqchikel, ensuring that women are able to access and navigate the legal system in their native language.

Viviana is a lawyer with extensive experience working in the fields of human rights, women’s rights, criminal law, labor rights, and family law. In her previous employment, Viviana advised women on a range of legal issues including gender-based violence, family law, and labor law. Viviana holds a Law Degree from the Universidad de San Carlos and is currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law.

Sandra Cocón

Program Assistant – Women’s Rights Education Program

As a Program Facilitator for the Women’s Justice Initiative, Sandra Cocon is responsible for the Women’s Rights Education Program in five communities in Patzun. Sandra teaches the six month legal literacy course in Kaqchikel, provides direct support to women participating in the program through monthly home visits, and works with local leadership to ensure support for WJI’s work in the communities.

Sandra joined WJI in May 2013 after working for the Guatemalan government’s Adult Literacy Program. As a trained teacher with extensive experience teaching in rural communities, Sandra brings excellent teaching practices and new methodologies to the Women’s Rights Education Program.

Estela Calcá

Program Facilitator – Women’s Rights Education Program

In February 2012, Estela Calca joined the WJI staff to assist with the implementation of the Women’s Rights Education Program and the Community Advocates Program.

Estela is Maya Kaqchikel from El Llano, one of WJI’s partner communities. WJI is committed to building capacity in the communities where it works by investing in and training local women.

Delfina Raquec

Facilitadora- Programa de Capacitación en los Derechos de la Mujer y Programa de Niñas Adolescentes

Delfina empezó a trabajar con IDM como Facilitadora en agosto de 2016. Delfina es responsable de facilitar e implementar nuestros Programas de Capacitación en los Derechos de la Mujer y Niñas Adolescentes en varias comunidades de Patzún.

Antes de trabajar en IDM, Delfina era una de nuestras Asesoras Comunitarias y se graduó de nuestro Programa de Capacitación en los Derechos de la Mujer. Delfina es un ejemplo del compromiso de IDM de invertir en nuestras participantes y promover el desarrollo profesional de las mujeres de las comunidades donde trabajamos.

Jessica Jochola

Administrative Assistant & Paralegal

Jessica Jocholá joined the Women’s Justice Initiative in 2014 to assist the organization with administrative duties. In addition to administrative work, Jessica assists the Legal Services Program as a paralegal.

Jessica is Maya Kaqchikel and provides legal assistance to clients in Kaqchikel. She is currently studying law at the Universidad de San Carlos.