Women's Rights Education Program

The Women’s Rights Education Program is a three-month legal literacy and empowerment course that educates women on asserting and protecting their rights.

Our Impact

3,512 women have graduated from this program.

After going through WJI’s programs, 100% of participants report feeling stronger and safer.

98% of program graduates believe that it is never justified for a husband to abuse his wife, compared to 84% at the beginning of the program.

Through the program, women demonstrate transformation in attitudes about intimate partner violence and the importance of reporting.

After participating in the program, women are significantly more likely to report violence and seek legal services for the first time

Graduates of this program report greater decision-making in the home, shared responsibility for finances, and more freedom to leave the home without permission.

All my life I have felt pain and suffering, but through WJI, I started to feel better because I was able to speak with others about my problems. For the first time, I understood that I have rights. I learned that I have value.


Women’s Rights Education Program Participant

When women begin to know their rights, their attitude changes. They realize that they can make changes in their lives and in their family, treating boys and girls equally.

Delfy Raquec,

Program Facilitator

As mayor I have had to intervene in some cases and I’ve seen that the women are standing up for themselves and even say, "Because I was trained by WJI I know that I have rights.” I have witnessed a big change where women in the community now have a voice.

Don Pedro Mejía,

Mayor of Paxixil Community

As an indigenous woman, I have faced many challenges in my life. For that reason, I want to inspire other women from communities like mine and show them that it does not matter if we are women or indigenous, that it does not matter what obstacles are in our way; we have rights.

Elvia Raquec,

Programs Director

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