About us


WJI improves the lives of indigenous Guatemalan women and girls through education, access to legal services and gender-based violence prevention.


WJI envisions a Guatemala in which women and girls:

  • Are active leaders in their communities;
  • Have access to culturally respectful legal services;
  • Have knowledge of their legal rights and can safely assert these rights; and
  • Are free from gender-based violence.

Our approach

WJI is building a more equitable world for Maya women and girls by combating gender inequality and violence against women and girls. Through an innovative community-based approach, WJI is improving the lives of women and girls by increasing their access to justice and improving their ability to exercise their rights to live free from violence.

WJI believes that community-based responses are critical to successfully combating gender-based violence and gender inequality in Guatemala. Without support from their communities, women and girls face significant obstacles in exercising their rights to live free from violence. In response, WJI works closely with key community leaders and stakeholders to build a response to inequality and violence that is developed by and for their communities.