Legal Services

img_9325The Legal Services Program provides free legal services directly to women in need by bringing lawyers and paralegals to their communities and by providing bilingual Mayan-Spanish resources. WJI’s mobile legal outreach ensures that the most marginalized women, who may not be able to leave their homes or communities, can access legal support and counseling. In doing so, WJI greatly expands women’s access to justice.

The Legal Services Program advises clients on a range of legal issues, including domestic violence, property rights, inheritance, and family law. The program focuses on securing women’s economic rights, through land titling and registration, child support, alimony, and paternity cases. The program works closely with the municipal government, receiving referrals and training key service providers, including the Justice of the Peace and the police.img_2341


“If I spoke to another abused woman, I’d tell her to get help from WJI. I’d tell her, that she shouldn’t have to put up with violence in her home. As women, we have rights and nobody can mistreat us. We should get help, and not let this continue to happen.”
      María, Legal Services Program Client