Adolescent Girls


WJI’s Adolescent Girls Program works to prevent early and forced marriage through the implementation of community-based interventions and protection mechanisms. WJI’s project focuses on improving girls’ knowledge of their rights; transforming local norms that condone child marriage; and ensuring parents and community leaders take action to delay early marriage.


Through a yearlong Girls Empowerment, Rights, and Leadership course, WJI teaches girls the skills to assert their rights, delay marriage, and achieve their personal goals. Through workshops with parents on delaying marriage and improving gender equality, WJI works to ensure girls have the support they need in their homes. To ensure a wider and more sustainable impact, WJI works with leaders to develop community action plans to prevent and respond to child marriage.




“I thank WJI because you helped me to go back to school, to learn more, and to share what I have learned. I apply what I learned in the program to my life and now I have more trust and better communication with my mom and my brothers and sisters.” Gloria, 14 years old, Adolescent Girls Program Participant