About Us

WJI’s Impact
The Women’s Justice Initiative empowers women to become agents of change and to build a more just and equitable Guatemala through a three step process.

  1. We ensure women are safe in their homes and communities through access to legal services and gender-based violence prevention programs.
  2. We educate women on their legal rights so that they can assert these rights and better protect themselves and their families.
  3. We train and promote women to be leaders within their communities through a leadership development initiative.


WJI’s Community-based Approach:

WJI believes that building community-based responses is critical to achieving sustainable change related to gender-based violence and inequality in rural Guatemala. Without support from their communities, Mayan women and girls face significant obstacles in exercising their rights to live free from violence.

WJI works in communities in two phases.  The first phase focuses on education and prevention and the second phase provides direct services.

In the first phase, through the Women’s Rights Education and Adolescent Girls Programs, WJI educates women and girls on their rights and provides them with skills building workshops to help them better protect and assert their rights.  The Community Advocates Program trains and promotes graduates of the Women’s Rights Education Program to become leaders in their communities. These women multiply WJI’s impact by leading workshops with other groups or women and serving as the first point of contact to connect women to legal services.

In the second phase, WJI provides legal services to women and girls in their communities.  Through our mobile legal services unit, we bring attorneys directly to the communities to ensure that the most vulnerable and isolated women have access to legal services.